Lucas – Peacekeeper Scribble

3 minutes, 27 seconds

Somehow he’d done it again. Another night with another woman. Her arm had curled around his stomach even as he’d thought over how to get rid her. He spent another thirty minutes trying to think of a good excuse to leave before sunrise to avoid an awkward breakfast. But there was always the chance that she’d be there when he came home and then he would have to explain that he didn’t want to see her again. He’d tried simply avoiding phone calls before and it didn’t work, they always came back.

               So he did what had become a second nature. He rolled over and started gathering her things. He put them on the table by the door and then got in the shower. If she wasn’t awake by the time he got out, he would wake her up and tell her to go home. She was pretty, for sure. Soft sienna skin and almond eyes suggested she was a pleasant Puerto Rican mix. Her behavior was another matter. Lucas hated the flirtatious game of push and pull. Not only figuratively but literally. He’d push them away and they’d pull him back.

               Renee had teased him once about being a prima donna. Probably because Renee was the opposite. Renee was always looking for the love of his life. Here, there and everywhere.

Two hours later, they were sitting outside cleaning their guns with the rest of the team and it was hot as fuck.

               Renee nudged him with his foot. “Luke… you’ve got to lighten up. If you are an ass to every girl that throws herself at you, the guys are going to wonder if you’re straight path is a little curly. I’m not judging; I’m a man, and I think you’re one hot banana-” He was cut off because Lucas punched him on the shoulder not too lightly.

               “Don’t talk about my banana. I’m not gay, Rey. You’ve seen how it is for me. Shit,” He’d dropped his cleaning rod.

               “Yeah, I have…but I still don’t understand your problem. I’d give anything to have women throw themselves at me like they do to you. But for you it’s like it’s a phobia or something. Just when I start thinking that you’re switching sides, you get hammered and take a girl home.”

               “I’m attracted to women, okay? There’s no doubt about that. But they just never seem genuine. They always want something.”

               “Oh come on, man. I’ve seen some wealthy ladies trying to crawl into your pants. Some of them just want a touch of Luke.” With that, Renee started shuffling around, singing Just a Touch of Love by C+C and the Music Factory in an octave that he shouldn’t be able to reach. A few of their newest and younger teammates stopped pretending not to mind their own business and looked at him in confusion.

               “Rey, stop. Jesus, these guys don’t know who that is. They just think you’re another crazy fuck.” Renee had moved on to scooting pelvic thrusts at this point while gesturing lovingly to his rifle. “Dude…no. Please, you’re testing fate now. How’s it going to fire right when you do that creepy 80s voodoo like that…”

It just took a snicker from someone before they all started laughing.