Hello, I am Seong

Hello, my real name is Susan, a small-town Oklahoma girl with a Bachelor in English: Creative Writing and a triple focus Bachelor in Technology from Oklahoma State University. I’ve been writing since high school, and at 39 years old, I don’t plan on stopping now. In October of 2019, I developed SassyGamers.com (@GamersGotSass), where I once managed a flexible team of 19 international writers spanning subjects from gaming, movies, anime, books and tech gadgets. I made the rough decision to downsize after almost three years of hard work because, as you can imagine, there was no way to break even without ‘selling out’ and bloating the website with ads and sponsorships.

Now, I offer freelance editing services at SassyEdits.com (@SusyQ918), and I funnel my proceeds from there directly into GrendelPress.com, where my staff and I work hard to publish quality dark fantasy, horror, and dark romance.

But you know how it is. I still have my day job in IT and I love it, but it means I’m busy a lot. No kids for me, thank God, but I have my cats. Three beautiful darlings named Greyson, Lilah, and Larry (StrangerDanger Fluffybutt because he loves to go stare into neighbors’ patio doors and look like he doesn’t have a home in hopes of ‘upgrading’ his lifestyle.) I love to read romance, erotica, horror, and suspense, and I catalog books as I absorb them at SassyReads.com (@ReadMoreSass).
Feel free to follow me on Twitter in any of my forms! I love making new connections.

Please note: This website is not meant to reflect my editing skills. I reserve my skills for freelance and publishing work. This is my casual, safe place, so you’ll sometimes see early drafts that haven’t been edited at all and some in various stages of editing.