Also a Bad Idea – Seongs #3

2 minutes, 55 seconds

“What is this?” He muttered, blue eyes narrowed at the surprise that his ridiculous twin left on his bed.

“I would think that’s rather obvious.” Seong Mi yawned and looked down at her cherry pink nails as if she were bored, even if it was impossible to hide how absolutely proud she was of herself.

Obvious indeed. In his bed, fucking Shibari-tied with a baby blue ribbon was a man. Probably. Well, most certainly. She was fucking crazy, but not a criminal. So logic said that the thing on his bed was an adult, but the lithe body was lacking most of what Seong Bin considered masculine. Was the lack of body hair natural? Jesus. “How long has his…thing…been tied? It looks a bit red.”

“That’s because he likes it. It hasn’t been that long. It’s not like it’s going to fall off. I thought you were the kinky one.” She snorted and leaned over the bed to run her fingers through the man’s hair and coo at him.

Seong Bin took a calming breath, looking away from the sight and starting to count in hopes of achieving peace before he spoke again. It rarely worked, but flaming at her was useless. Her pouting was much, much worse than just humoring her most of the time. “What gave you the idea that he is my type?

At that, she looked up from her affectionate petting and frowned. “Of course he is.”

“He’s not. He’s pretty, don’t get me wrong but we could have absolutely nothing in common.” He cast an apologetic look at the eager-eyed…. pup? Yeah, that’s absolutely what this guy was. A fucking puppy.

“S-E-X, Bin. This is about sex. You don’t have to TALK for sex.” She sat up and pointed one of those long pink nails and Seong Bin knew she was about to preach and countered as quickly as he could.

“Bullshit. Did you fuck him?” He was 90% sure that he’d know if she had. The brat was a bigger sap than he was and he wasn’t about to be handed the blame in this weird unnamed war. Seong Bin glanced down at his present and immediately barked out a laugh. Trussed up as he was with his privates twitching with each shake of his head with how the ribbon was leashed, the young man answered for her by a vehement shake of his head. “You are a fucking hypocrite. I don’t even want to know how you got him tied up without any fuckery.”

She opened her mouth to answer before she stopped and rolled her eyes. “I was just trying to help.”

“You can’t help me. You can’t even save yourself.” He muttered, stalking forward with a pair of scissors to cut the guy free. The man made a few muffled noises until Seong Bin finally stopped to remove the ball gag from his mouth.

“That’s part of a song.” Was the croaked response.

“No shit.” Could you give real life League honors? Because if so, he’d get Tilt-proof.

Seong Bin cut the loop around his ankles when Mi interjected. “It would have unraveled by itself if you’d have pulled the ribbon around his dick first.

“Never going to happen.” He growled.

“Is anyone going to fuck me?” The words came from the newly freed present. For fuck’s sake.